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We are united by our love for Phi lambda Rho, our passion to make a difference in our communities, and our shared value towards succeeding in our education.
Our sisterhood symbolizes an additional family away from home, one that seeks to support and inspire students to reach their highest potential. Though we are all individually unique, we add to the richness of this sisterhood, and together under the same mission, we are able to grow and thrive. We recognize the continued support of each member on our own development and are thankful for that. Phi Lambda Rho is a representation of a sisterhood that transcends our college years, that only grows deeper, and that lasts a lifetime. To help foster such good sisterhood among Rhosas, chapters organize various sisterhood retreats, dinners, weekly activities, and other celebrations to maintain the sisterhood strong.

"From the outside looking in, you can never understand it. From the inside looking out, you can never explain it."
The RHOsa Life

Pumpkin Patch

We cultivate our friendship through a variety of big events. Our chapter favorite was our Pumpkin Patch day, where we visited the patch in Costa Mesa for a time to have fun and make memories!

Sisterhood Dates

Outside of our big events, Rhosas unofficially have one meet-up a week, where sisters take time to cool off and have fun wherever and whenever! 

RHO Wednesday

As a proud Rhosas, we love to demonstrate our sisterhood by wearing our letters on Wednesdays. We become united on and off campus through our letters!

Sisterhood Chair

ZM #4 Deysi "Amirakemi" Benavidez

"As the warm embrace that buds you together, I strive to build meaningful connections with all of our members. I love to have spontaneous sister dates and be there for one another."

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