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Resources on Campus

Here are some of the resources that have been of incredible support to our organization and members. If you are looking for specific assistance and do not know where to start searching, reach out to us and we will do our best to guide you to the right place. 

Raises awareness of a variety of matters affecting the Chicanx/Latinx community. They host events and workshops meant to address these issues, and have resources/programs meant to cultivate the intersection of academia and culture. 

Offer a large variety of services meant to assist students in their basic needs. Some include a weekly free food pantry, assistance with CalFresh applications, and housing resources. 

For students in the Social Sciences only, the center offers assistance in professional development, employment opportunities, and graduate school resources. 

Offers free and confidential services to all students in need of sexual assault, abuse, family violence and/or stalking and host workshops promoting safety and education. 

Violence, Intervention, Prevention (VIP) Chair

Aracely Blanco

Free, on-campus, mental health services for students in need of support. They have in-person and virtual options and short/long term services opportunities. 

Center offers both educational and support programs for students of intersecting identities. Services include an LGBT-friendly library, a mentorship program, and computer services. 

Offers affordable (possibly free) tutoring for STEM based courses at UCI. The program is led by a former student who excelled in the course, ready to help you succeed,  

Center offers free legal services to students and their immediate family members. 

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