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Phi Lambda Rho values the importance of community service as a learning and rewarding experience. Each Rhosa comes from a different community where our family, our culture, and our experiences have influenced our value towards social justice and our passion to serve our people. The sisters of Phi Lambda Rho strive towards understanding how we could best serve as models of hope and support to our communities. One of our main goals as an organization is to continue building awareness for ourselves and for others about what is going on in our communities. We care about educating the college campus about issues that are important to Phi Lambda Rho as well as setting a strong foundation of service values that will be passed down to future sisters. 

Giving Back 

School Drive

Rhosas have fundraised school supplies for El Sol Academy in Santa Ana, CA, further contributing to our "Manos ayudando a Manitas" philosophy. 

Rhosa Scholarship

Every year, Rhosas give away a scholarship to financially support incoming college students that have contributed to the wellbeing of the Latinx community. 

2020 Fundraiser

In 2020, Rhosas fundraised over 10,000 dollars for The Loveland Foundation, The Trans Justice Funding Project, and Color of Change


Philanthropy Chair

ZN #19 Sarah "DulceRHOza" Pérez Muñoz

"Philanthropy has played a significant role in my family's success in the United States. It is a great privilege to be able to return this inheritance back to my community."

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