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  • Do I have to be Hispanic/Latinx to become a Rhosa?
    Though we are a Latinx based sorority, we recognize the beauty all people possess and welcome those from different cultures to learn and excel as well. This is an organization that is committed to strengthening all ambitions to continue higher education.
  • How do I determine if I want to join Phi Lambda Rho?
    Our organization invites you to attend our events and informationals. These are great ways to explore and ask sisters questions about our sorority. It is also the perfect time to be one-on-one with sisters and to get to know them and their experiences in the organization. Please do not hesitate to contact members or the organization to ask any questions.
  • Are there any requirements for joining?
    ​Phi Lambda Rho emphasizes academic excellence. Interested students who are considering joining Phi Lambda Rho Sorority must have at least a 2.5 GPA at the established university. In addition, those who are interested in joining must reflect the objectives that our sorority stands for.
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