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We work towards deconstructing and constructing our identities as Chicanxs/Latinxs, as women of color, and as minorities to empower and motivate ourselves. We recognize the value of our identity and how it changes and it makes a difference in our lives. We believe in cultivating honor in our culture, in our families' stories, and their resilience. 
Each Rhosa has a unique and diverse upbringing, story, and perspective that adds to the beauty and to the ever-changing image of Phi Lambda Rho. Likewise, we celebrate the ethnic differences, as well as diversity among our sisters, and we welcome all women who also recognize and embrace their culture.

Promoting the Chicanx/Latinx Culture


Formally known as "Noche de Baile y Cultura," Rhosalandia is a sacred event we have hosted at UCI for over 10 years. As a community, we enjoy live Banda music at our campus, further accomplishing our mission of taking space in higher education.

Central American Exposition

A new tradition, the Central American Exposition, was created to introduce our diverse cultures to Irvine, CA. With delicious complimentary pupusas came a great dialogue surrounding the vibrant history, culture, and indigenous history of Central America. 

Museum of Latin American Art 

Self-education and cultural enrichment are important as we become advocates for our community. This past year, Rhosas had the pleasure of receiving a guided tour at MOLAA in Long Beach, CA where we were inspired by different artists' in Latin America and their activism. 


Cultural Chair

ZO #2 Evelin "Aurabella" Lopez

"Cultura is important as it shapes our values, beliefs and traditions. It not only helps us understand but also appreciate diversity. Cultura is important to see around campus because it promotes inclusivity, understanding, and respect among students from different backgrounds. It helps create a rich and diverse environment. Remembering and celebrating our cultura proudly because they founded our roots."

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