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The ladies of Phi Lambda Rho carry a vision of being strong educated and conscious Chicanx/Latinx women. We see the value of growth in knowledge, learning more about ourselves, and preparing for our future careers. Using the support system we attain from one another, we believe that the pursuit of higher education does not end at 4-5 years, but rather it continues onto the pursuit of our Master's and/or Doctorate degrees. In the same way that our families support us in our educational endeavors, the sisters of Phi Lambda Rho support each other in reaching our academic and professional goals, utilizing the resources we have in college, as well as encouraging one another to apply to graduate school. As Chicanx/Latinx students, we strive towards helping our fellow Latina peers, as well as future Latina students navigate college successfully. The Rhosas are not only sisters of Phi Lambda Rho, but we are also researchers, scholars, and professional leaders of tomorrow.

Rhosa Study Tips


"I like using the Pomodoro method app (it's free!) and putting any distractions away from me to remain focused and on track!"

- ZN #3 María "Zyleah" González Ramírez 

Time Management

"List out things and assignments you need to get done and prioritize them by difficulty and deadlines o not end up cramming."

- Zλ #5 Jacqueline "Juiczy" Cruz


"Go to office hours! Even if you know the material, it's good to build connections with professors and form your network."

- ZN #13 Soliel "Aizen" Espinoza


Academic Chair

ZX #1 Paola "Bapoiyaotl" Canseco

"I’ve always valued academics, but I know it can also be hard to balance our academic and social life. Being academic chair has felt like I can be social and get to know people while also sharing resources and making sure we’re on top of our work. I’m excited for this new school year and the memories we’ll make!"

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